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Supervision over construction of highway A4, section Miladinovci – Sveti Nikole – Stip

Supervision over construction of highway A4, section Miladinovci – Sveti Nikole – Stip

Description of Project
The works on the Supervision over construction of highway A4m section Miladinovci – Sveti Nikole – Stip are separated on two subsections: 1. Miladinovci – Sveti Nikole (26.5km) and 2. Sveti Nikole – Stip (20.6km)
Section Miladinovce – Sveti Nikole is completely new, while the works on the section Sveti Nikole – Stip are consisted of reconstruction and extension of the existing highway and upgrading in one pavement of the new asphalt and construction of new pavement. The profile of the highway is two separate pavements with planum 2×10.75m, middle green lane 4.0m and shoulders 2×1.00m. construction work include excavation, backfilling, improved subgrade, subbase, asphalt pavement, new drainage system, horizontal and vertical signalization, 7 interchanges with completely new lightening, 41 structures (bridges, viaducts, underpasses, overpasses), 169 pipe culverts, 48 box culverts, 1085m retaining walls. During construction of the works are undertaken adequate measurements for environmental protection. The works are executed according FIDIC conditions of contract, red book 1999.


Execution period
2014 – Ongoing

Name of Client
Public Enterprise for State Roads of Republic of Macedonia

Short Description and quantities of services that were executed by DIWI
Supervision of all works on the project, including study of project documentation, quality control of construction works and materials, control of terrain and laboratory investigations and survey, administrative and financial control of the project, checking and approving of Contractors interim payment certificates, check, control and approval of suggested working plan program and working methodology, following of work progress, control of the protection and safety on site and implementation of measurements for environment protection, following the availability of the personnel and equipment on site, recommendation for adequate changes and variation orders, issuing site instructions to Contractor for better execution of works and preparation of tests, control and signing of civil books, control of preparation of as-built drawings, preparation of monthly, final reports, control and approval of final payment certificates, participation in taking over procedure, controls during defects liability period, preparation of reports during that period and final report after finalizing defects liability period. Control over following FIDIC contract conditions, used standards for quality.