About Us
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The establishment of the operations in Macedonia in 1998 is a result of the acknowledgement of the business opportunities for the civil engineering sector due to the rapid development of the country and the region in preparation of their integration into the larger European Community.

DIWI Makedonija employs qualified and experienced experts, engineers, and management and administration personnel.

DIWI specialises in the provision of design, construction supervision, project management, technical assistance and maintenance management services for transportation infrastructure, roads, bridges, airports, ports and tunnels, industrial and commercial buildings, health facilities, water supply systems, sewerage networks and waste water treatment plants. DIWI also undertakes economic and technical feasibility studies and provides environmental management services.

In all its activities DIWI adheres strongly to its independent professional status and is thus able to give impartial advice to its clients and to guard their interests at all stages. DIWI is completely independent of, and in no way connected to any manufacturers, suppliers or construction firms and is thus a neutral and independent consulting firm.

DIWI has a proven track record for flexibility and the ability to respond in a fast and non-bureaucratic manner to requests for providing precisely the required expertise within time and budget.

The individual departments of the company are interrelated and experts from each department work closely together where appropriate to ensure that highly specialized expertise is available to meet the demands of ongoing projects.

The overlapping of professional boundaries means that our engineers and experts gain a broad knowledge of many aspects and fields of engineering in addition to their own highly specialized sphere of activity.

This proves immensely valuable to the successful completion of our projects, especially those undertaken in remote areas where difficult conditions and severe logistical restraints demand a wealth of engineering experience and a great deal of ingenuity and flexibility from those engaged upon the project.

Most of our technical personnel is experienced with FIDIC form of construction contract and and AutoCad trained. Since 1998 DIWI has been introducing into Macedonia new technology and singularly employing and training the best available local Engineers and Architects to ensure continued transfer of technology. These highly qualified and competent engineers from Macedonia have been able to deepen and enhance their knowledge of European construction standards and the latest engineering and computer technology from the training in the Head Office in Germany and on projects implemented in Macedonia or abroad.

Our office in Skopje is fully on-line with a networked computer system and full CAD design facility. A comprehensive software library is available, including the latest roads and buildings design software. In addition to the above, we also possess and maintain modern survey equipment for producing detailed topographical terrain survey.

DIWI Makedonija possesses the licenses for design and supervision of all categories. All our engineering staff are authorized for design and/or supervision in accordance with the ruling Law for Construction in Macedonia.

DIWI Makedonija has successfully implemented Integrated Management System of, EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, EN ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational, Health & Safety Management System.

Policy Statement
DIWI’s commitment

The management of DIWI are committed to continuously seeking ways of improving the quality of the services offered to our Clients, through research, development and improved efficiency and management of operations. The objectives expected to be achieved by this commitment to improvement are:

  • Improves customer satisfaction through increased levels of Client confidence in the quality of the services offered;
  • Increased levels of both management and operational efficiency; and
  • The installation of a culture of excellence and commitment to continuous development and improvement throughout the company.
The Core Activities
engineering services

The company provides a full range of technical assistance and multidisciplinary engineering services within the following fields:

  • Highways and transportation
  • Civil works and structures
  • Water and sanitation
  • Architecture and urban planning
what we offer

Services available to clients cover all phases of the project cycle, including:

  • Project management
  • Project identification
  • Feasibility studies
  • Site surveys and inventories
  • Detailed engineering design
  • Tender and contract documentation
  • Tendering procedures including tender evaluation
  • Supervision of construction
  • Contract administration
  • Claims management
  • Maintenance studies
  • Training and technical assistance
  • Project audit and appraisal
  • Procurement